Today I worked on getting the android phone to push its ip webcam images to the user interface for the kinect. I was able to do this using a program on the Marketplace called IP Cam.  I downloaded the Javascripts and HTML files from the phone and edited them to connect. The code is specific for my Android phone on my network, it is using the address to connect.

I changed the UI around to encompass the new streaming video element for the car. It shows the user both the hands and where the car is going. I had a problem overlaying the hands on top of the webpage streaming video element so I have them sitting side by side for now. This also means that I had to up the resolution of the main window to 1440 x 900 to fit everything.


Changed the Hand dots to change color when the user moves closer or further away. When the user moves the hands closer to the Kinect the dot turns to a darker blue, when the user is at the Zero Position the dots turn green, when the user is moving further away the dots turn red. This give the user a bit more feed back.


Finished the Basic design of the car, added new hardware to give more control over the car. Still using a skid steer type system. New motors are only 3v instead of 9v, they are geared better for indoor use and will allow for overall better control. Not so jittery.


Change Log

- added support for and Android IP Cam

- Changed GUI to allow for the new video element

- changed the hand dots to change colors as the user moves the hands forward and backward.


New Car hardware:

- Tamaya Double Gearbox

- 2 Tamaya foam wheals.

- 2 new servos for the arm that is coming

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